Client Reviews:

Richard Leversee (Deep Well Being Massage) Truckee CA:

I am a massage therapist who loves receiving deep engaging bodywork. For me, the the most comfortable and best way to to receive really deep work is when the depth and pressure is spread out over a large surface area with the stroke being slow and deep. Because Dana Lucia's Ashiatsu work is artfully done with her feet - using her whole body weight and gravity - she is able to give plenty of deep steady pressure in a fantastic way that feels full, rich and downright yummy!

When she asked me for feedback after the first thirty minutes, I told her that I had six favorite strokes so far. After an hour it was up to ten favorites, and by the time my ninety minute session was over, I had totally lost count. At that point nothing much mattered any more anyway. I was in a beautiful state of totally profound relaxed bliss.

If this sounds at all like what you have been looking for, I suggest that you schedule a session with Dana ASAP. Expect something extraordinary!

Travis Weaver (Owner - CrossFit Blizzard) Truckee CA:

I have experienced a wide variety of body work here in the Tahoe Basin. This technique using Ashiatsu massage with the feet is a terrific experience. I liked it because Dana was able to use ample pressure. This pressure is sought after and most therapists can't seem to get it with the average thumb or elbow. The massage is really appropriate for advanced athletes that are working hard on a regular basis like my clients at CrossFit. I highly recommend trying this won't know what is a foot and what is not and you will thoroughly enjoy this body work.

Adam X. (Yelp Review) San Francisco, CA:

I'm not sure what to say here... other than Dana is amazing. I booked a 90 min deep tissue, and in my 100 massages, this had to be well above top 5. Dana does Ashiatsu massage, which means foot pressure if I remember correctly. She has a couple poles attached parallel to the table from the ceiling with another silk rope for balance. Very cool set up.

So the initial 30 minutes (or so), she spent breaking up all of the driving and sitting at work knots I had with her feet. I initially thought she was in with her elbows, but it was softer. Either way... I'm not sure what really occurred in my body, but I was literally weeping at times over the next two days (and I don't weep). A friend asked me what's wrong at one point in the weekend, and I'm like... nothing. Guess I just released something. So amazing... no major pain, just broke it all up, and left me extremely peaceful.

Michelle M. (Yelp Review) Berkeley, CA:

Who doesn't love a good massage?! I've visited Dana a few times when I'm up in Tahoe and have received a regular deep tissue massage as well as an ashiatsu massage. I've had a number of deep tissue massages before (from her and other therapists), and Dana was great about listening beforehand to what my tight/trouble spots were, she plays nice/mellow music that's appropriate for a massage and the overall ambiance in the room is very relaxing.

The ashiatsu massage (barefoot) was the first I've had, so I can only compare it to other 'regular' massages, and I have to say, it was hands down (feet down?) the best massage I've ever had. I'm athletic, and can get very tight muscles from time to time, and no regular massage has ever been deep tissue enough. Even though this girl is light, she can still press against the bars she's hanging onto to give you more pressure, or if it's a sensitive area or you just don't want that deep tissue of a massage, she can pull up on the bars to give you less pressure. And, in case you are wondering, her feet were soft :) It was the middle of summer in Tahoe and I couldn't feel any calluses, so don't worry about that :) Overall, it was Ah-mazing! I highly recommend trying this out from Dana, especially if you haven't experienced an Ashiatsu Oriental Bar massage before!