What Is Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy?

Besides being ...
The Deepest Most Luxurious Massage on the Planet.

Ashi- meaning foot and
atsu- meaning pressure

Although the roots of Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy (AOBT) are definitely Asian, the technique and application are truly western. Two parallel bars are used overhead by the therapist for balance and control over the client while they apply soft clean feet for the barefoot massage. Compared to the hand, the therapist has more options with the ability to use the ball of the foot, the lateral angle of the foot and the heel to manipulate the muscle.

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy (AOBT) is ideal for athletes, larger people, those with back pain and those who simply want to try something new and different.

AOBT is very beneficial for clients suffering from chronic back pain and fibrosis. This is because the pressure strokes of the feet are applied along the para-spinals and lumbar region of the back, which eases muscle spasm. The compression movements also help to open the intervertebral foramen (a passageway ina bone for nerves). This allows pressure and pain relief of the nerve, because the foramen now has more space to retake its natural position.

AOBT is also beneficial for tight or painful hamstrings, calf muscles, quadriceps, tight IT-bands, sciatica (not the acute stage) and tight forearms.

The combination of gravitational force and deep compression massage help to enlongate the spine and surrounding muscles,relieve muscle pain, promote mobilization to naturally take place, stimulate the lymphatic system and increase circulation.

Experience improved posture and movement, pain relief and a state of well being.

Clients swear they will never go back to traditional massage after experiencing Ashiatsu.